Calligraphy using Pens

An historic act of art that is also reflected in our logo, is Calligraphy. Designed at a time way before the designing tools took force using a pen and a pen, Calligraphy is an art that brings Awe in people even today.

When having a look at calligraphy, one does simply knows he needs to admire the art. Every stroke of the pen drawn towards perfection and every line representing a Human art that comes from highly skilled individuals with years of effort and practice.

The wonder of this style of Penmanship comes from the way that each alphabet is drawn on to that sheet of the paper with absolute class and no room for human error Calligraphy is a distinctive form ancient art much like the Painting and sculptures all over the world that gained recognition during the Renaissance period.

Although with times steadily changing and modern devices gaining force this ancient art has not much time before overshadowed by the bright light of modern fonts and more.

But at Montex we believe, even with high-tech technological advancements no modern tool can replace the creative spread of a written word on a piece of paper with the smell of ink crushed against the sheets truly defining what really Dark Academia is!

In the modern times the art is referred to as “Modern Calligraphy” that is known to deviate from the structural rules of the traditional styles. Being fluid in nature, it’s not an exact science which allows artists to freely create their own unique forms.
Strokes: Upward strokes should be thin while the ones going down should be thick.

Grip: Hold your pen/brush at a 45-degree angle for optimal line drawing.

Spacing: Keep your handwriting legible by carefully spacing words and letters.

Sizes: A consistent size should be maintained for maintaining visual harmony.


However this priceless piece of art is now remarkably executed in Devices like Ipad Pro, Apple Pencil and many other devices. Known commonly as freestyle writing and illustration for an extended version, Calligraphy though redefined has not lost its existence.

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