What does it take to make a remarkable pen?

Pens are remarkable fine instruments in itself for many reasons.
When one identifies a new writing instrument, it comes to an observation that many share a common feature with others.

While every pen has a different usage and alternatives for functioning tshere are attributes that are similar among them and they set forth the grounds on which a remarkable and fine writing instrument is premised on.

  • Being the first in India to introduce range of Grips for superior writing, we found GRIPS are as essential as any other part of the pen
  • Being the world’s largest manufacturer of Nibs, Montex understands the value of a NIB when making a remarkable instrument
  • A remarkable device is only as good as it serves its purpose, and without the right INK that purpose is unpaid off.

These are primary things to be considered while solving the dilemma of choosing the right pen for you.
These three are truly undivided benchmarks based on which the quality of a fine writing instrument is based on.


Montex was the first company in India to introduce a range of fine writing instruments with different grips serving diverse purposes that upskilled your handwriting.

The following attributes add on to why a GRIP is really important:

  • Helps you control the fatigue from holding a hard surface causing discomfort to your fingers
  • Highly useful for long writing trials and examinations
  • Helps you hold the pen well.

A grip helps you move the pen, hold it well and provides you the scope to move freely over the surface without much hindrance.


The Nib, it is the metal point of a pen that actually makes physical contact with the paper, precisely doing all the major work of a writing instrument.
This is more significant than the others since writing does not happen without its presence. While it controls the precise flow and dispersion of ink, the size, shape and material of the tip will determine the style of words that are created.

In other words, different types of tips have an influence on how your sentences will look.

For uniform lines, a round Nib will prove useful while italic tips are ideal for calligraphy since its tip is flatter in nature. Other forms like oblique, Arabic and Hebrew exist but these two are the most common types of tips that exist. In terms of materials, the common ones tend to be stainless steel while gold and others are also used.


When it comes to the main attribute of the pen, all ball will naturally drop on the type as well as the flow of the pen’s ink.

  • Good ink flow equals lesser exerted force from the hand
  • Creates legible and attractive results on paper
  • Prevents hand discomfort and minimizes fatigue
  • More to do with the actual experience of writing

Most prefer to equip themselves with a gel or rollerball pen since they are known to offer smoothness and complete ease while writing.


February 21, 2020